Failed affair using an iPhone

Instructions from seller

Instructions from seller

Seller recommended me to use iPhone because all this time I was using Android. Agreed, its worth a shot but how can I connect using iPhone when

  1. Most people around me having iPhone do not have access to AppStore
  2. The SSID ‘OK_SP3’ does not appear

I still gave it a shot and as anticipated, iPhone cannot see any OK_SP3 wifi network. So its a dead end


Lets try the new Android App, shall we?


So, to fix my issues including ‘OK_SP3’ SSID not appearing for direct connect, the seller recommended that I use the new app (

So began another two wasted hours because

  1. The screenshots that the seller gave me were old
  2. The app is not in english, its in Chinese
  3. Even after bumping my head with this app, it still does not work


You might be surprized how I came to know which option is which without knowing Chinese, well the good seller sent me the following screenshots, although the app is very different but I could locate the icons and relate

Why can’t I just direct connect to its WIfi SSID?

OK_SP3 appearing for a short time (5 seconds)

OK_SP3 appearing for a short time (5 seconds)

“Why can’t I just direct connect to its Wifi SSID?” you might ask, the problem is that as soon as I reset the device, the wifi SSID “OK_SP3” appears as an open network but before it can fully connect to it, the SSID vanishes and never appears again. It will only appear if I reset it again

I think this SSID appears and disappears within 5 seconds.

My coworker and best friend also showed suspicion that its wifi module is probably out and I agree


Resetting a Kankun KK-SP3


Resetting is simple, just hold the reset/mode switch (bottom-right corner) for approx 4 seconds, then release.

The blue light will be turn to always-on and the device is being reset. I made a small video on how I did it, hope you can see how its done

Trouble connecting to Kankun KK-SP3 device by following simple steps


Kankun app overview

  1. Using android, download the English version of the app (
  2. Install it on your Android
  3. Go to Settings (middle button), enter your WIFI’s password and hit CONFIGURE (you do not need to connect to OK_SP3 WIFI network, thats only required for iPhone)
  4. If everything works, you will get your Plug online

Its pretty simple, but not for me, I get errors

“What devices I used to connect to this WIFI switch?” you may ask. I used

  1. Google Nexus 5
  2. Samsung Galaxy E7
  3. Google Nexus 7 tablet

Kankun KK-SP3 arrived!


After 25 days, Kankun KK-SP3 arrived and God, it looks awesome! Here is the product straight out of the box (no packaging was shipped – probably to reduce cost of shipment)

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